Handy tech tip: Using DropBox in an office

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Handy tech tip: Using DropBox in an office

Wouldn't it be great if everyone at work wasn't forced to remember yet another username and password for Dropbox? There is a way.

Plenty of you are probably using Dropbox, but wouldn't it be great if you weren't forced to remember yet another username and password for it?
There is a way around this.
If your IT at work is complex enough to be running Windows Server, and you use Active Directory to authorise users and computers on your network, and you use DropBox for Business, there is a clever way you can solve your Dropbox password problem.
What you need is a service from a company called Centrify. Administrators can allow all the users to sign on to Dropbox using the same username and password that they use on the local network.
The result is that you log in once, and that gives you access to all the resources you're entitled to use, whether they are in house or in the cloud.
For the more technical among you, it works by allowing everyone at work to access a Dropbox for Business account using their Active Directory identities (specific Dropbox usernames and passwords are no longer required), even from Android or iOS devices. 
IT administrators can control access to Dropbox for Business via Active Directory, so it's easy to lock people out once they leave the business - especially as users never need to know the credentials for the Dropbox for Business account.
If your business uses no more than two SaaS applications, Centrify's service is free of charge.
For businesses adopting cloud more broadly, the Centrify single sign-on service also works with many others including Evernote, Google Apps and Office 365, and costs $4 per user per month.
In this situation, an additional benefit is that administrators can easily see which users have access to which services, without having to compile the information from multiple sources.
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