Handy iPad tip #2: keeping track of taxi receipts and other expenses

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Handy iPad tip #2: keeping track of taxi receipts and other expenses

Are you always accumulating taxi receipts and other expenses you need to be reimbursed for? It turns out there's an easy way to track these on the iPad.

When I travel, I accumulate receipts and spend money that I'll be eventually reimbursed for. The hassle is that capturing that information is a pain. I've tried paper lists, spreadsheets and even just dumping a pile of receipts with the client (that one's not popular!).

The other day, I highlighted how easy it was to create a timesheet system using Bento on the iPad. It turns out the solution for expense tracking is even easier.

Bento has a template for Expenses. With a couple of screen taps, I had a expense tracking app ready to use in less than a minute. All I needed to do was make a few little changes and it was perfect.


Click to enlarge.

Adding the Expenses tool was a simple matter of pressing the button in the bottom left of the screen, tapping "New Library" and selecting "Expenses". I needed to change the list of expense categories so I tapped the pencil icon in the top right corner. This put the form into edit mode.

I tapped on the "Expense Type" field, chose "Options" on the pop-up menu and deleted categories I didn't need and added the ones I wanted. I could do the same with all the other fields although I didn't need to.

All up, I had an Expenses tracking tool ready to use in about 10 minutes.

Bento for iPad costs $5.49 from the App Store.

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