Handy apps: a McAfee app that remembers all your passwords

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Handy apps: a McAfee app that remembers all your passwords

If you've got 10 passwords you have to remember for web sites, bank accounts, work systems and even your home alarm, you might find this app very useful.

In this age of needing passwords for everything, the temptation is to create one easy-to-remember password and use it everywhere.

That's a bad idea. When a site like LinkedIn gets hacked, which happened last year, if you've used the same password there, someone could potentially use it to open your other accounts.

This is where password managers come in. There are various password managers you can use; some are highly regarded, like Keepass. Another we've just been introduced to is from McAfee, and it's an app called Safekey.

Safekey is on iTunes and also the Google Play store for Android devices, but there's a catch - you need to have already paid for  McAfee LiveSafe or McAfee All Access. We've bolded this so you don't skim through this article and miss this crucial fact. We noticed a few annoyed comments eslewhere online from users who didn't realise this.

The idea is you run the app on your phone, desktop computer and any other computers you use. Whebever you need to login to a web site that needs a password, rather than entering the password, you select the site from your password manager.

It also means you don't have to remember all your passwords.

While we wish this was free for anyone to use, it's good to see that security vendors are including password managers in their suites. They're tools that not enough people bother with.

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