Handy app: download the new Microsoft OneNote MX for Windows 8

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Handy app: download the new Microsoft OneNote MX for Windows 8

Looking for an app for your to-do lists, or for your planning or research? Download the latest update to Microsoft OneNote MX for Windows 8.

Microsoft have just released a new update to their OneNote MX application for their Windows 8 devices which adds a couple of enhancements.

Subscribers to Microsoft’s Office suite will be happy to hear that you can now sign in to the OneNote application using their Office 365 login details.
While having to remember one less account login is always a plus, the single sign-on also means that OneNote files can now be saved in the cloud alongside your Office 365 created documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.
The on-screen keyboard controls has also been tweaked so that tapping into any empty space in your notes will now make the keyboard disappear instead of hanging around and taking up valuable screen real estate.
Existing users can download the update right from the Windows Store.
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