Google has a handy calculator hidden under your nose

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Google has a handy calculator hidden under your nose

See where it’s hidden, plus a bunch of other useful Google tricks you might not know about.


Hiding just under your nose is a bunch of handy Google tricks, including a built-in calculator.

To see it, type a calculation in Google - no need to delve into the Start menu, or dig out the real thing out of your drawer.

Of course if you’re an accountant, you’ll probably stick to your real calculator, but for the rest of us it’s a handy thing to have up your sleeve. You can do calculations along the lines of “5*9+(sqrt 10)^3=” though as some have noted, it won’t work with the numeric keypad (well, we couldn’t get it working), which limits the appeal.

It’s not the only trick Google has up its sleeve. Take a look at these handy shortcuts:

  • Synonyms: type the ~ symbol after a word and you’ll get words that mean the same thing. Handy if you can’t quite think of the word you’re after.
  • Convert things: forever going to those conversion sites? Type “5 gallons in litres” in Google and you get a handy conversion tool. You can also convert things like cm to inches.
  • Convert money: Instead of going to, type the conversion into Google and get the answer.
  • Find a flight time: Type “flights from Sydney to Melbourne” to see some handy links. Without knowing more about how comprehensive this is, we’d be hesitant to rely on this feature though.
  • Find the time in another city: Wondering what is the best time to call your client in another country? Type “time” and the name of the city.


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