Google Chrome 43 FINAL adds web MIDI hardware support, improves permissions API

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Google Chrome 43 FINAL adds web MIDI hardware support, improves permissions API

Google has unveiled Chrome 43 FINAL for Windows, Mac and Linux. Version 43’s main new feature is support for hardware MIDI instruments (which is something we're sure you were hanging out for). But there's more!

Chrome 43 also implements a couple of behind-the-scenes tweaks for developers that will help benefit end users through reducing the number of unnecessary prompts for action without compromising security.

Support for MIDI hardware is implemented via a brand new Web MIDI API, which allows websites to communicate directly with MIDI instruments connected to the user’s computer, tablet or phone, most commonly through USB-to-MIDI adapters.

Google Chrome 43 FINAL

Direct support for MIDI hardware is the most visible change in Google Chrome 43 FINAL.

The new API means users can now create music directly on websites like Web Audio Demos’ Analog synth using their MIDI instruments.

Chrome 43 also unveils what it describes as “a number of small changes to enable developers to build more powerful web applications.”

These changes include a new Permissions API, which allows developers to directly query – and view changes to – their apps’ permission status without having to first ask the user for permission to do so. The API supports queries for geolocation, push, notifications and the new Web MIDI API.

The main benefit for end users is the reduction in the number of unnecessary (and potentially confusing) prompts from apps requiring permission to check these statuses.

Finally, a new CSP (communicating sequential process) has been implemented that instructs Chrome to automatically upgrade insecure resource requests to HTTPS before fetching them. This should not just reduce the number of warnings regarding sites containing mixed content, but also simplify the process for developers needing to retain access to legacy content that can’t easily be updated.

Finally, Chrome 43 includes 37 security fixes, which cost it over $38,000 in bug bounties.

Google Chrome 43 FINAL is available now as a free download for supported builds of Windows, Mac and Linux.

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