Google AdWords: the right way and the wrong way

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Google AdWords: the right way and the wrong way

How effective do you think your Google Ads really are? It's not hard to find basic advice about good and bad ways to advertise your business.


While Google AdWords doesn't need to cost you much at all, and it can be a greta way to draw attention to your business, if you do it badly you might be wasting your money.
Which is why we thought this article looking at three Google Ads, and what's good and bad about them, might be useful to bring to your attention.
The article is on the site Op Ed Marketing, which is a company that sells its expertise in this sort of thing. We highly recommend clicking through to read their article.
The particular article above looks at pet insurance (previous articles on the Op Ed site have looked at ads for music, accommodation, cars and house cleaning services), but the principles can easily be generalised.
Among the suggestions the Op Ed article makes is this one:
  • "As a general rule, you shouldn’t send Google Ads to your homepage.  Users can easily get distracted and pushed off the conversion path"
This is largely about looking at your ads through your (potential) customers' eyes. That's not easy to do - after all, you did the best job you could of writing the ad copy. 
Op Ed's comments may help you take a fresh look at your own ads. At the very least it should remind you that getting traffic to your site is a means to an end - making a sale, or at least providing a quote or further information. Being able to brag about the number of visitors is of little value to businesses outside the media sector.


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