Get your product seen in a magazine gift guide

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Get your product seen in a magazine gift guide

Want to know how to get your product seen in the pages of a newspaper or magazine gift guide before Christmas or Mother's Day?

Melbourne-based WMC Public Relations has just published a guide to getting your product or service featured in the seasonal gift guides that appear in newspapers and magazines before Christmas, Mothers' Day and so on.

Oh, you thought it was just luck that led to the specialty soap shop down the street from you appearing in your metro newspaper's Mothers' Day guide? Nope!
Apart from a To Do list of the work you'll need to get done in time, WMC points out that from an editor's point of view, timing and being provided with good photographs are both really important.
Pitch your product too early and unless it is really outstanding there's a risk it will have slipped from the editor's mind when he or she compiles a shortlist. Pitch too late and you've missed the opportunity.
Gift guides are almost always very visual, often with just one sentence about each product. That means the photo has to do the selling for you, and that's why WMC recommends professional photography. 
If you or someone else in the business is genuinely skilled with a camera you might be able to do it in-house, but the right photographer has the artistry along with the lighting and other kit that will make your potential present pop from the page. This is one of those situations where trying to save money is likely to be a false economy.
WMC has published several other articles that may be of use to small business operators that do their own PR.
[Ed Note: Don't forget blogs and major web sites for getting the word out about your business. We've mentioned various great examples of small business owners who've managed national TV appearances and been mentioned by big-name web sites thanks to a bit of clever self-promotion.]
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