Get MyNetFone's cheap calls on your mobile phone

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Get MyNetFone's cheap calls on your mobile phone

VoIP providers like MyNetFone give you cheap call rates for your desk phone, but you can also use them on your mobile.

You can now use the MyNetFone app for iPhone and iPad or Android to make and receive calls on your mobile.

Even users of VOIP services like MyNetFone probably use a regular phone at their work desk, you could use any device with an Internet connection and the right software.

MyNetFone has simplified this by creating an application that just requires you to enter a username and password for their service.


If you use a different VoIP provider then you can achieve the result, though with a little more fiddling about. What you need is a piece of software called a SIP client.

SIP, or the Session Initiation Protocol, is a standard for connecting voice and video calls over the Internet. As long as your VoIP provider is following the SIP protocol, all you need is the right configuration information.

The key bits of information you'll need are

  1. The username and password for your service. This is probably not the same as the username and password you use for the service's online billing system.
  2. A SIP proxy. This is the name of the server used by the service provider.
  3. A SIP port. The router port used for the VoIP communications through your firewall or router.

You'll probably find all these in the email that was sent to you wen you signed on for the service.

Then, you find a SIP client (an app) for your phone by searching in your favourite app store and apply the settings.

Here is an earlier article we posted covering this topic.

Ready to dive a bit deeper on VOIP? Click here.

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