Furniture upholsterer gets her business on,, Wall Street Journal

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Furniture upholsterer gets her business on,, Wall Street Journal

Yes indeed, there's some publicity coming your way if you've got an interesting story to tell. Watch this video.

Literally thousands and thousands of people right now are slaving away over the web site of their small business - a never-ending slog to get the word out about what they're selling.

But do you have an ace up your sleeve?  

Take this video below about Hanny Lerner, who's been featured in this video about the success of her furniture repair and upholstery business:

Now here is an example of what some canny marketing can do. We notice Hanny also does a blog for, and over the last couple of years has had a mention on and the Wall Street Journal. This wasn't recently, but these articles will still come up in Google searches, so it's still useful publicity.

And now you can add this video to the mix (which comes from the excellent web site, The Story Exchange).

All this reminds us of this woman, who was forecasting $7 million in sales selling knitting yarn, and was getting her business known on the online media.

While the video above only skims the surface of what's involved in running a furniture business like this, it touches on a few interesting things:

  • In her twenties Hanny started MOD Restoration, fixing damaged "high end" furniture. Now the business specialises in designer furniture upholstery, offering designer fabrics and working with interior designers, hotels as well as other clients.
  • She made a point of getting "presence" online.
  • The business has gone from "a few hundred dollars per claim" to "making a few thousand dollars per project".

Many small businesses have fascinating stories to tell. The businesses are intertwined with their personal lives. People move interstate, change careers, try all sorts of ideas and sometimes see what started as a tiny step evolve into something bigger. 

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