Fuji Xerox's handy trick for sharing your scans around the office

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Fuji Xerox's handy trick for sharing your scans around the office

Juggling lots of scanned documents at work? This Fuji Xerox feature might come in handy.

Services such as Dropbox and Evernote have become quite popular in small businesses as a way of making documents accessible to multiple people.
That's been helped by the emergence of business versions of such services, and by support from multifunction printer manufacturers allowing documents to be scanned directly to or printed from these and other cloud services.
But sometimes you need more than file syncing and sharing, and that's where a cloud-based document management system can come in.
Designed for small to medium businesses, Fuji Xerox's Working Folder is such a system. In addition to sync and share, it includes document check-out/check-in (to prevent conflicting changes being made to documents) and control over who can access documents and who can change them.
Integration with Fuji Xerox multifunction devices means scans or incoming faxes can be sent directly to Working Folder, and stored documents can be printed from the device's control panel.
(Other printer manufacturers provide similar integration with services such as Dropbox, Evernote and Google Apps.)
Users can be alerted via email to new or changed documents including scans and incoming faxes. 
Working Folder operates from a Tier-4 data centre, which basically means there should be minimal - as in less than half an hour in total per year - interruptions caused by infrastructure failures within the data centre. The actual availability could be lower than that if any issues with the Working Folder systems caused outages.
How much does it cost? Cloud services usually trumpet their low prices, but for some reason Fuji Xerox says "contact us" if you want to know the price.
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