Free video conferencing through your browser

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Free video conferencing through your browser

One of the advantages of Citrix GoToMeeting is that you don't need to download any software.

GoToMeeting Free is a fairly popular service for videoconferencing between two or three people. One of the advantages is that you don't need to download any software - it runs in the Chrome or Firefox browsers.
The latest version has just been made available, adding support for "modern" Android devices, screen sharing, and custom URLs.
Screen sharing is a convenient feature, whether you have a slide deck that you want to use to support the conversation or you need to demonstrate how to perform a particular task on a computer or mobile device. It is only available from the Chrome browser, at least at this stage. If you're using Firefox, you're limited to sharing documents.
The custom URL feature lets you claim a permanent GoToMeeting Free URL, which is associated with your Facebook or Google account. That way, your regular contacts know where to go to join you on GoToMeeting without you having to send them the URL for a specific meeting. 
If you don't claim a 'room' in this way, GoToMeeting Free uses URLs of the form, where the three words are apparently selected at random for each meeting.
For those who need to talk to more than two other people at a time, GoToMeeting Pro plans start at $US49 per month.
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