Free tool may save you from ransomware

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Free tool may save you from ransomware

ESET has released a free tool for restoring files encrypted by TeslaCrypt malware.

To save people having to pay a ransom to the crooks behind the TeslaCrypt malware, security company ESET has released a free tool that can decrypt affected files.

You can download the tool and read the instructions for its use on ESET's website.

One of the ways TeslaCrypt has been distributed was via the Nemucod malware, which used particularly convincing emails to trick people into opening the attachments.

In a recent guide (Security experts warn: get back to basics) we published several tips for keeping your systems secure. Those especially relevant to ransomware include:

  • Keep all software up to date: Automatic updating makes that job easier
  • Connect with care: Be suspicious of all emails you receive that contain attachments or links, especially the ones that urge you to act right away
  • Back up your data to a removable storage device such as a hard drive. Take your backup offsite or store it securely, like other important documents. Test your backup system regularly to ensure that it restores all information correctly.
If you see this screen, you've got a problem (but it's now fixable).
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