Free fact sheet: 37 handy tips for cutting your energy bill

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Free fact sheet: 37 handy tips for cutting your energy bill

From filling up your fridge to using black screens instead of screen savers, here are some ways to cut energy bills that we hadn’t heard about.

This free energy-saving fact sheet includes some interesting suggestions for reducing your energy bill that we haven’t seen before.

Example 1: Fridges - filling up your fridge might actually help it run more efficiently. According to the Australian Government fact sheet, fridges and freezers operate “most efficiently when at least two thirds full.” There you go – a clean fridge might be a less energy efficient one.

Example 2: Screen savers – You think you’re doing your computer a good deed by setting a screensaver, but according to the fact sheet, you’re not doing anything for your bill. The suggested tip is to use a black screen instead of an “active” screen saver.

Example 3: Paint it light – Paint your walls light colours to reflect light. Another obvious one, but perhaps not something that springs to mind when people think of electricity saving.

Example 4: Insulate hot water tanks – “About 30% of the energy used to heat water in storage hot water systems is wasted due to heat loss.”

It’s useful to know there’s more you can do to cut back on the monthly bill than turning off the lights. This free fact sheet (web site here) isn’t going to solve the much-publicised network-related costs pushing up electricity prices, but it will at least give you a few tricks up your sleeve. 

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