Four reasons why you don't need to buy the 128GB Apple iPad

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Four reasons why you don't need to buy the 128GB Apple iPad

With a new 128GB Apple iPad officially announced this week, the question is, is there a good reason to upgrade from your current iPad?

We think there are four good reasons to hold off on the new 128GB Apple iPad:

1. A new iPad is probably close

Apple has been releasing a new iPad each year. They did accelerate the cycle slightly last year with the iPad 4 which bumped up performance and introduced the new Lightning connector that debuted with the iPhone 5.

It's a fair bet that a new iPad taking design cues from the iPad mini will come out this year and we're tipping it will be sooner rather than later. Many rumour sites are showing images of components of a new iPad.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see an iPad 5 hit the market with the increased capacity, another speed bump and revised design before Easter.

That means buying an iPad today could see you one model behind just a few weeks before a new model is released.

2. You can boost your current iPad’s capacity

While the iPad is a sealed unit with no slots for adding extra memory, that doesn’t mean you can make more storage space accessible.

There are several accessories on the market for this. They are generally external storage devices with a built-in wireless hotspot. This means you can connect to them with your iPad, and get to the files they hold.

Here are two: 

Given that the cost of a new 128GB iPad is $110 dearer than the 64GB model, and those devices cost about the same and more than one iPad user can use them, it’s worth considering whether these are a better idea.

3. You’re current iPad has not suddenly stopped being useful

If you’re using a 64GB iPad and haven’t hit your iPad's storage limit and won't anytime soon, then the release of a new model has not suddenly made your current iPad dysfunctional.

If it’s still working, there’s no need to upgrade.

4. You can store your files in the cloud


In today’s world there is almost limitless access to online storage. As long as you’re connected to the Internet, you’ll be able to access and edit more data than your iPad could ever hold.


For example, Skydrive, Google Docs and Dropbox all let you access and share online storage. And the first two even allow you to edit documents directly on your iPad from the web browser.

The other benefit of moving some of your storage needs off specific devices to the cloud is that it makes it easier to give other people access to work on those same files.

For example, you can send links to files, rather than sending emails with big attachments. And many online file-sharing systems also support online document editing by multiple parties at the same time. Read our Dropbox tips.

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