Food for thought if you aren't satisfied at work

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Food for thought if you aren't satisfied at work

Here is an interesting video to watch if you aren't happy at work, or you want to get the best out of the people that work for you.

The theory put forward in this video below is an obvious one, but it we're sharing it because it is sometimes easy to lose sight of.

The idea being questioned here is that the overriding thing that gets us out of bed each day and makes us work hard, is money.
Of course, none of this is new, but it's food for thought if you aren't satisfied at work, or if you are in charge of people and want to get the best out of them.
Watching the video reminded us of this article by Sydney Morning Herald columnist Ross Gittins, which suggests that treating workers as "packhorses to be worked harder and costs to be cut" is counterproductive.
The proponents of this school of thinking argue it's not just feel-good talk. In the video above, the speaker cites examples of products (cake mix, for example) that didn't sell, because consumers no longer felt the same level of satisfaction from feeling like they had made the cake themselves.
The argument is that giving workers repetitive jobs they do over and over again, without any perceived result means workers lose satisfaction and lose motivation. Or, as the video above puts it: Are we rats in a maze? Is all we care about money?
Here are 2 articles and a video to read and watch:
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