Five winning Internet of Things startups

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Five winning Internet of Things startups

The recent Hack @ the 'G event uncovered some promising ideas for innovative IoT products.

Earlier this month we mentioned the Spotless Hack @ the 'G, a hackathon aimed at uncovering and fostering ideas for applying Internet of Things (IoT) technology to facilities services.

Five projects received awards at the MCG event held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground recently.

In fifth and fourth place were: iSpotless, an app which enables internal communication for Spotless employees and provides a platform for staff to more easily report and address issues within a facility or venue; and Intellibin, a sensory device and app which can be implemented into a venue's bins to monitor how full they are and maps the locations and status' of bins to improve staff efficiency and visibility of assets.

Each received $1000 cash and a Sens'it (a $100 device with temperature, humidity, light, accelerometer and gyroscope sensors that can 'phone home' via SMS).

In third place was the winner of the People's Choice award, Stadium Chat Bot. This is an app which provides patrons with information about the venue, such as the location of facilities (such as toilets), and the wait-time/capacity of food outlets with the option of placing pick-up orders. In addition to $1000 and a Sens'it, the team received an iPad and an Amazon Echo.

MSG’s My Buddy came in second and was also judged to be the most commercially ready. This is a small IoT device which transmits locational data and information about physical assets via cloud to users. My Buddy is customisable to projects such as cleaning, security, facilities management and more, communicates GPS, wifi and safety data and also includes an emergency button for users.

This team won office space at the Kydo pre-accelerator for six months, membership of the AWS Activate startup program, $1000 cash, $250 worth of business cards, an Amazon Echo, and a Sens'it.

And finally, MyCleanliness took the first prize: $10,000 cash, a Sigfox development kit including one year of connectivity (for IoT communications), and an Amazon Echo.

MyCleanliness is a device that can be implemented into a venue's waste facilities (such as bins and toilets) to monitor and report their status (such as how full or dirty they are) to remove the guesswork from waste management services. Data from the app is transmitted to employees via a custom-built smartwatch.

“We have a fundamental issue in Australia in taking a good and actually commercialising it,” said Spotless CEO Martin Sheppard.

“We at Spotless and other corporates in Australia have a responsibility to go to the next step from what we've done here over the past 36 hours to actually driving commercial outcomes. That's a commitment that we've certainly made at Spotless and it's right at the heart of our strategy.”

For those of you wondering, a hackathon is – according to Wikipedia – “a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and others, often including subject-matter-experts, collaborate intensively on software projects. Occasionally, there is a hardware component as well.”

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