Five ways you can use a tablet in your business

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Five ways you can use a tablet in your business

With Android tablets and iPads saturating the market, and the iminent arrival of Windows 8, it's time to think about how a tablet might help your business.

1 An interactive in-store catalog

With real estate costs rising you may find the cost a store where you can show off all your goods prohibitive. However, there are plenty of tools that allow you to create an interactive catalog so that customers can look on a tablet so you can bring shortlisted items to them from storage.

2 Business on the go

There are cloud services for just about every business function. Almost all of these Software as a Service, or SaaS, providers provide a full application experience on a tablet computer. With tablets, it possible to instantly switch the device on, look at the product listing with the client, review their purchasing history and submit an order with a few taps of your finger or a stylus.

3 In the field

With a ruggedised case, field staff can shoot images, complete forms, collect and send data back to base. Keeping in touch with the office is easy as it's possible to video-conference using the cameras built into modern tablets.

4 Laptop replacements

Although tablets don't do everything notebook computers can do, they are capable of note taking, web browsing and email. Many laptop users only need basic services from their notebooks and tablets are often cheaper and lighter options.

5 Emergency management

During the floods in South East Queensland earlier this year, emergency crews were dispatched with tablets that were preloaded with all the documentation they needed. Not only did this save on the amount of paper they needed to carry, crews were able to access documents more quickly on tablets as they could search easily.

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