Evernote announces one of "most requested features of all time"

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Evernote announces one of "most requested features of all time"

See what the new Evernote feature is and why so many people have been asking for it.

Evernote has announced one of the "most requested features of all time".

It's called "Reminders" and it does exactly what it says. It lets you add reminders to your notes.

For example: Say you're working on a project - you have a note in Evernote where you're collecting information for that project. Say there's a meeting for that project. You can add a reminder for that note, telling you to not forget the meeting.

There's now a "reminders section" in your Note list, where reminders will appear. They'll also pop up on your desktop. You can also get an email reminder.

Why use it in Evernote, when you have reminders in Outlook, or your iPhone's calendar?

To be honest, watching the video we couldn't help but sigh a bit at the thought of having to wrap our heads around another notification/to-do list, plus remember to use it, when we're already using a separate to-do list, as well as our Microsoft Outlook calendar.

If you're a big user of Evernote though, maybe this will be useful.


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