Don't miss this next week!

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Don't miss this next week!

From one of the big IT decisions you're going to have to make, to amazing modern telephone systems and one thing that often gets lost in the NBN debate.

A big thanks to last night's presenters at the first BIT Roadshow - it's on again next week in Melbourne, and the presentations are quite an eye-opener.

Here are a few snippets from last night:

One of the big IT decisions you're going to have to make

It's between a regular laptop and a "hybrid". Hybrids and touchscreen laptops are everywhere - if you haven’t learnt about these you need to so you spend your next $1,000 on a computer wisely. Intel will be there and you can ask questions.

Modern telephone systems are amazing

What you can do by switching to a modern telephone system is amazing. One example: you can have a system that tells you what state your phone calls are coming from - so if you've got more calling from Queensland you can do something about it.

Rene Sugo from Mynetfone also gives quite a fascinating, quick history of the public phone system, as well as why certain types of numbers might be better than others for your business.

This really is an eye opener

Steph Hinds of Newcastle accountancy Growthwise got rid of her server, a bunch of software and a large part of her IT bill. Not as a test. Her business runs this way and she's adamant it's the way to go. This will really get you thinking.

One thing to understand about the NBN

Darren Alexander has spoken and presented about the NBN all over the country. His presentation is worth seeing, and highlights one thing that often gets lost in the debate about the NBN.

Something many, many people are getting wrong

Debra Anderson and Eden Connell show some things to know about keeping your invoices and accounts that many, many businesses don't do well. Very useful.

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