Don't have a server room? Get a server box

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Don't have a server room? Get a server box

Here's a handy idea for a tiny office without much space - a server cabinet that looks like regular office furniture.

The family of APC NetShelter CX Office enclosures are server cabinets that look like regular office furniture. 

They're designed for small offices that don’t have the space or funds to build a dedicated server room. Think of these as being a "server room in a box". 

Disclaimer: we actually spotted this product being advertised by our sister site CRN, and decided it looks interesting and potentially useful enough that we would let BIT readers know about it.

They're potentially handy because once your business needs a rack-mounted server and switches, they can take up a lot of space.

Not to mention you need a secure room with air-conditioning.

This "server room in a box" is an intermediary step you can take that delivers the benefits of a server cabinet without the complexity of needing a server room.  

How much space do I need?


They come in three sizes: 18U, 24U and 38U.

A "U" is a unit of measure for the height of a device. One rack unit , or "U" is  44.45mm. Most modern servers are just 1U or 2U in height.

With server racks, the width is now standardised with 19-inches the most common width, although 23-inches is used.

Those heights mean that you can choose a unit that fits into your office and meets your needs. 

The enclosures are designed to be placed with their back directly against a wall but require clearance of 20cm on both sides for normal operation. 

This allows the heat to escape so that your equipment isn’t damaged.

All the units have soundproofed cooling fans that can handle up to 3.6kW of thermal capacity.  

The units also accommodate a Power Distribution Unit (a fancy powerboard) so you can power all your gear.

The sides of each cabinet can be easily removed so that server maintenance doesn’t mean pulling everything apart. There are also lockable doors for security. 

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