Do you use any of these passwords?

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Do you use any of these passwords?

If you've never bothered to use a strong password, this might change your mind.

If you've got one password for Internet banking, one for email and an easy-to-remember password for everything else, then this might be relevant to you.

A company has published a list it claims includes 25 of the most common passwords used online - at the top of the list if "123456", followed by "password". Others include "password1", "sunshine" and "photoshop".

As we've explained before, the risk in using easy to remember passwords is not only that someone (or a software program) will guess your password. If you're using the same password for your email, and you've stored login details for other accounts in your inbox then they'll have access to that too.

You can read about creating a strong password here. Even if you're happy with your password, you should change it regularly - even Evernote and LinkedIn aren't immune from security scares.

It seems this message isn't getting through to many people though.  Last year it was revealed that 2 million Adobe users had "123456" as their password.

You'd think people would know by now that using "password" as a password is a bad idea. Apparently many people still do it though.

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