Do you believe this theory about body language?

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Do you believe this theory about body language?

If this fascinating video is to be believed, the way you stand or sit could influence your life. That's the theory, anyway.

This video below offers an interesting tip - before your next meeting, or maybe a job interview, spend a couple of minutes by yourself with your arms spread wide open, lounging back in your chair like someone who's boss.

You've probably heard that your body language can influence how others react to you, but what if it could influence the way you feel and act?

That's the theory presented here by social psychologist Amy Cuddy who argues that our "non verbal" actions govern how we think about ourselves.

In experiments, candidates were told to adopt certain poses for two minutes, to see how it affected things like their testosterone and cortisol levels.

Claims Cubby in the video: "2 minutes can lead to these hormonal changes that configure your brain to basically be either assertive, confident or comfortable, or really stress reactive, and feeling sort of shut down."

Her advice is to use these "power poses" in evaluative situations: like speaking at a school board meeting, giving a pitch, doing a job interview.

Just don't stick your feet on the desk during the interview.

Here is the video:

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