Digital Post: So this is what it looks like

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Digital Post: So this is what it looks like

It's not Australia Post, but it could be your new mailbox for the electricity and phone bill.

These screenshots on our sister site iTnews caught our eye today - they show what new "digital post boxes" designed to supplement your regular Australia Post mailbox will look like.

As you can see from the linked photos, the idea is that you'll get your own special email account, where you'll receive bill directly from electricity companies, telephone companies and the like.

The key is that you won't, in theory, have to wade through pages of junk to find your bills - only authorised companies can send you email, so the idea is there will be no spam.

And from what we can tell from the screenshots, you will be able to pay directly from the inbox - there's a "pay now" sitting above the bill in this screenshot.

Whether this is any easier than logging into your bank site and paying all your bills that way via BPay, we're not sure. The people behind this service, which is called Digital Post, have contacted us offering a demo of the service, so we hope to have a better grasp of this soon.

The other factor we suppose in determining how useful this is, is whether all or most of the companies you get bills from are happy to send your bills this way.

iTnews reports that the Digital Post service is scheduled to be up and running in February 2013. 

Digital Post should not be confused with Australia Post has a separate service called Digital MailBox. Australia Post has a web site where you can register for the service.

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