Did you know you can print from your phone or tablet?

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Did you know you can print from your phone or tablet?

Here's how to save time and skip fiddling around transferring files to your laptop when you want to print.

Did you know that printing from your smartphone or tablet is getting easier all the time? There is a a growing list of networked printers that will work with your Android phone or tablet or iPad and iPhone.

What if I use an iPhone/iPad?
Just about the most seamless experience is provided to iOS users by printer manufacturers that support Apple's AirPrint protocol. The list includes Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Lenovo, Lexmark and Samsung, though some supported models require firmware updates to enable this feature. You don't need any extra software on the iPad or iPhone, and most relevant apps will allow you to print with just a few taps.
What if I use Android?
Things are more fragmented with Android, as you'll need a specific app from the printer vendor. That's a bit inconvenient when you use more than one brand of printer (eg, at home and in the office) but it does allow vendors more flexibility. Samsung's Mobile Print app, for instance, supports printing, scanning and faxing - depending of course on the printer's capabilities. It can also take advantage of features such as Secure Release (key a PIN into the printer to start printing) and Job Accounting (to keep track of who is using the printer).
Note that some manufacturers (eg, Brother) offer iOS apps to support non-AirPrint models, or to take advantage of hardware features such as scanning that aren't covered by AirPrint 
What file types can I print?
The other problem is that you rely on the app's ability to handle particular types of file, which can be more limiting. JPEG, PDF, and text are commonly supported, but you may also find the ability to print other types such as Microsoft Office, TIFF, and PNG.
There's a list of AirPrint-enabled printers on Apple's web site. To find an app, search for the name of the printer vendor at the iTunes Store or Google Play.
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