Dell partners with Microsoft to push Surface Pro to business customers

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Dell partners with Microsoft to push Surface Pro to business customers

Ahead of Windows 10 Enterprise's release, Dell has cosied up to Microsoft's hybrid tablet in a bid to woo businesses

Dell will start to sell Microsoft's Surface Pro hardware through its own sales channels. Yes, that's right, Dell is happy to sell clients Microsoft's hybrid hardware instead of its own.

It isn't just Surface Pro devices Dell will be selling. As part of the deal, it's also listing Surface accessories, servicing, warranties and replacements, as well as corporate setup options. Dell's new Surface sales solution will open up for North America in October, with plans to hit the UK and 27 other territories “in early 2016”.

This partnership isn't the only deal Microsoft intends to make, stating on its blog that it plans to work with HP, Accenture and Avanade “to enable more customers to enjoy the benefits of Windows 10”.

Although it may seem peculiar for OEMs to partner with Microsoft so they can sell someone else's hardware, these deals show Microsoft's commitment to the workplace. Previously Microsoft has had to convince businesses to purchase Surface Pro devices through its own online store, while pointing them to the likes of Dell and HP for integration into their respective business networks. Now, though, everything can be bought and sorted through one single channel, making the Surface Pro a far more enticing prospect for company executives.

The move is also part of a ramp up towards the release of Windows 10 Enterprise edition. Later this month Windows Insiders will begin to see these new features creep in, meaning a fully fledged Windows 10 Enterprise edition should be available by the end of the year – thus providing more value to customers who purchase Surface Pros through Dell.

It's also worth noting that this partnership, and its October rollout, could hint at the emergence of the Surface Pro 4 coming to market then – as is strongly rumoured to be the case.

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