Dell is selling a $399 business PC

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Dell is selling a $399 business PC

How low can desktop PCs get? This deal from Dell is cheaper than an iPad.



What you're looking at is a $399 computer - the Dell Vostro 270SFF. We spotted it after seeing a tweet today advertising offers on selected "business systems" on the Dell site.

First of all, we know full well how annoying it can be trying to get work done on a computer that takes two minutes to load Outlook along with all your appointments every morning - but all we'll say is be careful about a computer this cheap.

So what about the offer? This is a Dell Vostro 270SFF, which is listed at the time of writing on the Dell suite as $499, with a "Get $100 Cash Off" offer that ends on March 14.

This Dell Vostro 270SFCF runs Windows 7 professional, which is a good start. You also get 4GB RAM and a 500GB hard drive. It's a "slim tower, so it's not one of those hulking, great PCs. But here's what you don’t get:

  • a monitor
  • Microsoft Office (you get a trial, but not the full thing)
  • No security software
  • From what we can tell, no keyboard or mouse.
  • And perhaps most importantly, a fast processor. At this price you get a Pentium chip. This might be passable for basic email, basic spreadsheets, basic Web browsing, but in our opinion, if you need to run lots of applications at once that require processing power, then it's not ideal. Pay $649 (with a $150 cash-off offer) and you get a Core i5 chip, which is better.

That's fine if you already have those basics, just be aware that they're not always included in the price of cheap PCs.

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