Data backup: don't let this happen to you

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Data backup: don't let this happen to you

When things do wrong and your data isn't backed up properly, it could be a nightmare. Like this example.

[We spotted this article first published in the September issue of CRN Magazine. It was intended for technology resellers but we think it's also relevant if you're running a small business.]
Government departments and agencies typically have a very low appetite for risk. They are conservative by their very nature and strongly believe in the saying Primum non nocere (first, do no harm). Only after doing no harm do they look to be pro-active or try to achieve revolutionary outcomes. 
Several years ago there was a local agency that had a fire in their building. One internal area of the building was completely destroyed and many areas of the building suffered damage – in particular the computers due to the amount of water that firefighters used in the building to contain the blaze. After an initial inspection and quick relocation it was time to pull the data from the backup and start operating as quickly as possible. 
That’s when the trouble started. The backup strategies were in place and the system had been designed to allow for only minimal data to be lost in the situation of a complete failure. It was backup done by the book – with one minor missing component. The backup strategy had not been tested for some time and the worst possible situation occurred. 
There was no data on the backup tapes. They eventually managed to recover data from older tapes but it is a good lesson – when you sell an efficient well-planned backup strategy to a client, make sure you also sell them additional peace of mind (and additional recurring revenue) by testing the strategy on a regular basis.
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