Could this iPhone and Android app save you money?

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Could this iPhone and Android app save you money?

We've always been a little underwhelmed by the official apps from phone carriers. But amidst the Celebrity Charts, Vodafone has unloaded something that looks quite a bit more useful

As well as bundling, one of the features that can reduce your mobile phone bill is getting free calls from other people on the same network.

If you're on Vodafone and 3, this little trick gets a little easier, in theory, with the news that there's a free iPhone and Android app called Who2Call that "synchronises" your contacts into a new list, with anyone on Vodafone or 3 marked with a logo.

Our understand is that you'll need to start using and dialing from within this contact app, rather than your phone's default menu.

There is one caveat: you need to be on a post paid cap plan from $29 and above. The free calls also only apply if you've signed up since March 11 this year.

Let us know if you've found this app useful below.


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