Conquer your inbox with Postbox 5.0

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Conquer your inbox with Postbox 5.0

Postbox is designed for heavy email users, and the new version has a number of new time-savers, including placeholder fields for quick responses and email templates.

Let’s face it, most of us spend far too long on email every day – so why do we make do with our default webmail interface or the email app we’ve been using for the past decade?

There are so many other options available that can help us become more productive. Postbox, for example, is designed for heavy email users and offers a number of time-saving tools, such as a Focus Pane that lets you focus on what’s important by temporarily hiding everything that isn’t relevant to the task at hand, and support for Dropbox, One Drive and Box so you can easily send links instead of large files.

The latest version, Postbox 5.0, has a number of new features, including support for dynamic content in email responses and templates, a Quick Post tool for adding email content to other applications, a new anti-tracking feature, high-resolution support in Windows, new per-image scaling tool to help keep message sizes down, and global filters. There’s also 25 professionally designed email signatures and 70 business templates.

The Windows and Mac email app’s headline new feature is support for dynamic content in the form of placeholders in responses and templates. This allows you to automatically populate emails with message data or through data stored in user-created custom fields.

Once included, simply use the [Tab] key to access a placeholder, then enter the desired value before clicking Send. To support the new feature, Postbox comes with 70 business-themed templates, all of which have placeholders built in.

Postbox's placeholder fields

Elsewhere, Postbox’s user interface has been restyled (including new product icon), while Windows users gain support for high-resolution displays.

Postbox 5 also has a Quick Post tool for quickly forwarding the content of email to hundreds of different applications and services, from Slack to IFTTT, Wunderlist to Zapier. This allows you to easily add email content to Evernote, for example.

A new anti-tracking feature alerts users when tracking tools such as images are embedded in email to alert the sender if the message has been opened. By default such tools are blocked – it’s up to the user to manually allow them through if desired.

A new image scaling tool coupled with message size indicator helps you keep the size of your messages down. The image scaling tool can be applied to individual images within the email as opposed to the entire message. Users can also set a threshold to receive warnings should individual messages exceed a set size (such as an ISP-enforced limit).

Filters have also been improved. You can now apply filters globally across all configured accounts rather than just one. The feature is accompanied by a number of new criteria – including message body, topic and attachment – and actions, from remove topic to Quick Post.

Postbox's filters

The new build also bundles 25 professionally designed email signatures to provide users with a way to end messages with a flourish – each signature is also fully customisable.

Other improvements include an easy way to insert international characters (just press and hold on any key), a revamped Favorites Bar, new storage options, automatic image rotations and new image picker. Emoji support and updated emoticons have also been implemented.

Postbox 5.0 is available now as a 30-day trial for Mac (OS X 10.10 or later) and Windows (7 or later). The full version can be purchased for the special price of US$32 (the usual RRP is US$40). It’s free to anyone who purchased a lifetime licence after March 1, and existing users without a lifetime licence should have received an email with a discount code. Each single-user licence covers all the user’s PCs and Macs.

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