Coles, Kogan join prepaid mobile market

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Coles, Kogan join prepaid mobile market

Two well-known Australian retailers have started offering prepaid mobile service under their own, one with Optus, the other with Vodafone. Telstra is already spoken for by Woolworths.

Coles appears to be pitching to the cash-strapped, with a brace of $10 recharges for services delivered on the Optus 4G Plus network.

One offers unlimited calls, SMS and MMS plus 400MB of data for 10 days, the other lasts 60 days with each minute, SMS, MMS or megabyte of data charged at 12c.

For those who almost exclusively receive calls and texts, Virgin Mobile's 180-day $15 recharge could be a better deal than Coles' 60-day plan, even though calls are charged at 78c a minute, texts cost 28c each, and no data is included.

And since 30-day prepaid plans are available from various providers for around $30 - $25 from Amaysim - the main benefit of the 10-day plan appears to be only having to find $10 at a time.

Kogan's offering is relatively mainstream in that gives you 30 days of unlimited standard national calls and texts on Vodafone (but 3G only) for $29.90 plus an extra 5c for the SIM - but it does include a relatively generous 3GB of data. That's distinctly better than Vodafone's own $30 recharge which lasts 28 days and includes just 1.5GB of data (2GB if you recharge online or by SMS). However, the Vodafone plan does offer 4G connectivity.

Discounts are offered for paying 90 or 365 days in advance, and each dollar spent also yields one Qantas Frequent Flyer point.

The 5GB version of Kogan's plan costs $36.90 for 30 days, again better than Optus or Vodafone can offer, or for that matter Amaysim or Telstra.

2GB of data with 30 days validity can be purchased for $14.90, either to top up a phone plan or standalone for use with a tablet.

But price isn't everything - think about how the varying inclusions and add-ons will affect the total price you pay, and whether you will miss 4G speeds.


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