Childcare app keeps parents in the loop

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Childcare app keeps parents in the loop

A Melbourne-developed app is helping childcare centres become more efficient and providing parents with updates on their children’s activities.

Whether they run their own business or work as employees, we suspect many mums and dads would welcome regular ‘status updates’ about their offspring. And that's what this Melbourne-developed software can do.

A childcare centre in Melbourne’s outer suburbs is using locally developed childcare centre management software to keep parents informed as well as simplifying administrative chores.

KidsXap provides parents with updates during the day about activities, sleep patterns, food intake, nappy changes and so on, along with information about their children's learning developments. It even provides access to photos and videos.

Software development company Xap Technologies created the app, after founder Ruchir Parekh got the idea when he collected his son from childcare but forgot to pick up the sheet of paper listing the food the boy had eaten during the day.

“It dawned on me there must be a better way of parents getting this type of information and being able to share it,” he said.

And so KidsXap was born, and now “a parent – in fact both parents – can be sitting at their desk at work and get updates on what their child is up to or even photos of funny things they do,” said Parekh.

The KidsXap app for childcare centres

Xap Technologies CEO Sagar Sethi said the app enables parents to be updated as often or as little as they want during the day. “It means they have a record of some major milestones in their child’s life – that normally they may miss out on,” he said.

“It is also not only young children who have anxiety in the early days of being dropped off at a child care centre. There is often plenty of anxiety from parents and the information provided through the app is their ‘comfort blanket’.”

Childcare centres benefit from having an easier way to keep parents informed, but KidsXap does a lot more than that. Other functions include rostering and timesheets, childcare benefit and childcare rebate management, payment processing, waiting list management, and reporting and dashboards.

The software is available for iOS and Android, and also works with major browsers.

According to Sethi, KidsXap can save centres up to $40,000 a year in labour costs and increase working efficiency by up to 87 percent, without ongoing license fees or support costs.

One of the centres using KidsXap is Dorset Early Learning and Kindergarten in Croydon, in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

Director Melanie Colwell said: “Before KidsXap our office was filled with paperwork – not just to pass on to parents about their child’s day with us but also for office work in general. Now, there has been a complete transformation.

“I must admit change is always hard and I have been here 15 years. The transition was quite scary but in the end I needn’t have worried – it was seamless. And now we can tell parents instantly a whole heap of information."

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