Cheap calls not enough to lure all small businesses to VOIP

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Cheap calls not enough to lure all small businesses to VOIP

There's still a lot of small businesses not using VOIP telephone services, according to the results of a new survey.


According to a survey of 260 small businesses by Market Clarity, just 16% of the businesses (defined as having fewer than 20 staff) that were surveyed indicated they are using VoIP services. 

Now, while 260 is not a huge number, the survey still raises questions about the appeal of VOIP for small businesses (the full 109 page report is here).

Not only were very few respondents saving costs by moving to VoIP, despite the reputation that VoIP has for delivering cheap services, based on the survey not all users are happy with its reliability.

The survey says that almost a quarter for the respondents that used VoIP suffered service problems at least each month.


However, as only 16% of the survey respondents utilise VoIP services and 1% of survey respondents rely solely on VoIP services for voice communications the actual risk profile of VoIP users is likely to be quite low. 

Still, that's not a great advertisment for VOIP.


Want to dig a little deeper on this topic? Read our basic introduction to VOIP.


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