Can this plastic box help declutter your desk?

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Can this plastic box help declutter your desk?

If you have a power board on or near your desk to cope with the various power adaptors and rechargers that have become part of everyday office life, you'll probably agree that it is a bit of an eyesore. Here's a way to tidy things up.

The $29.95 E-Box Cable Organiser is basically a plastic box that's large enough to hold a power board and plug packs. 

It's equipped with slots for ventilation and to allow cables to enter and exit, and the flat lid means there's somewhere to put your phone while it charges.

If you need a slightly larger version - perhaps your power board is a bit too long for the E-Box, or maybe your power bricks are too bulky - there's also the BlueLounge CableBox  , but that's appreciably more expensive at $44.95.

Neither of these are going to turn a messy desk into a paragon of tidiness, but they could be a good buy if it's only the cabling that's keeping you from minimalist working conditions.

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