Can my customer ask for a refund?

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Can my customer ask for a refund?

Customers who ask for a refund can cause fierce arguments in retail shops, but who is in the right?

The right for a refund is one of the fundamental rules underpinning retail sales, so it's with interest that we notice this simple guide explaining the rules

If you run a business and you're not sure about the rules, here is what you might learn:

  • Customers aren't protected by the "consumer guarantee" set out under the Australian Consumer Law if they changed their mind, or if they saw the same product cheaper somewhere else.
  • You can't advertise "no refund policy".
  • There are actually nine consumer guarantees you are providing if you sell goods to consumers (visit the site to see what they are).

We reported recently that a survey last year of 400 retailers found that half had "no knowledge" of Australian consumer law. In addition, 16% were had "no refund" policies.

The web site we've linked to above also has handy guides to other topics, including scams, contract forms and pricing.

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