Business IT... Or IT As a Business?

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Business IT... Or IT As a Business?
The clock is actually real...

Normally we report on the IT you need to run your small business. But sometimes we get a little meta. For instance, what if you were to start a small arts and crafts business that sells IT... as art?

The taste for retro isn't limited to mid-century furniture, milkshakes in metal cups, prawn cocktails, old suitcases and vintage clothing.

There's also interest in 8-bit art - renditions of images at low resolution and using a limited colour palette to mimic the look of late 70s/early 80s video games. In some cases the designers openly admit to being inspired by Minecraft, so maybe it isn't just about retro.

Most of the items we've seen are basically images. They may be printed on mugs or t-shirts, made out of beads (eg, for use as coasters or keyrings), or hand or computer-produced prints, embroideries or paintings. You can find plenty of examples of this at Etsy .

But a much smaller number of people are going beyond applying an 8-bit illustration to an item, and instead actually designing physical things in the 8-bit style.

An example - brought to our attention by a European startup that's keen to make a global impression - is Pixel Panties' range of 8-bit undies (we've deliberately linked to that particular page: most of the site is NSFW, so visit at your own risk).

Other examples we've seen include clocks (such as the Mustard Pixel), oven mitts, and phone cases (scroll down) - most other supposedly 8-bit cases just feature an 8-bit graphic.

We're not recommending any of these products or suggesting you copy the ideas, but maybe you could find a new market by applying an 8-bit makeover to whatever items you already design and sell.

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