Budget deadline looming? End of financial year tech discounts

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Budget deadline looming? End of financial year tech discounts

For some IT department or small businesses, the end of the financial year (or EOFY) is the final chance to get that new smartphone or laptop you've been dreaming about all year.

In case you'd missed those annoying Foxtel commercials, the end of financial year (EOFY) sale can be a way to save on those essential IT purchases you or your business have been eyeing all year.

Tech companies know this, which is why you'll see specific EOFY sales aimed directly at IT purchasers. And it can be a good way to get the technology you've always wanted for a little bit better than what you'd normally pay. We've been on the receiving end of a few pitches for these types of promotions and discounts, and we've selected a few examples to highlight.

HP offering HP Myer Gift Cards and $25,000 prize draw

One promotion that has come across our bow is from HP and is aimed at small businesses. Customers buying selected HP notebooks, desktop and monitor bundles, or touchsmart PCs between May 1 and June 30 get a Coles Myer Group Gift Card up to the value of $100 (the promotional material refers to $75 and $100 gift cards). Not a huge bonus, if you're spending thousands on a PC, but a bonus nonetheless.

HP is also promising that customers "who buy 5 eligible products in a single transaction" can go into a $25,000 cash prize draw.

HP's end of financial year bonus ends on June 30. Interestingly, HP is also promoting their Facebook and Twitter feeds as a way of finding out more about the promotion. We can't say we've spent a lot of time on HP's Facebook page, but perhaps here's a reason to give it another look.

We thought we'd also mention another HP promotion we spotted, that might be of interest if you're in the process of replacing an old printer. HP will give a cash rebate if you trade-in an old printer for a new HP Laserjet, and is promising to come and remove the old printer from your office. We're told the offer runs until July 31, so if you're interested head to the promotion web site.

Dell Inspiron laptop deals

We asked Dell what they'd be offering around the end of financial year period, and we're told that while they're not planning any specific promotions, they did give us a list of "deals" on Inspiron laptops. Here's the list:

Inspiron 15

Roberts 1545




Inspiron 15

Roberts 1545

Pentium Duo



Inspiron 15R

Berry Intel

Core i 3



Inspiron 15R

Berry Intel

Core i 5



To use these codes, enter them into the search box in the upper right corner of the Dell site, where it says "Keyword or E-Value code Search".

The Targus Numeric Keypad, one for the toolkit

Finally, while it's not exactly the purchase of the century, this $39.95 Targus keypad could be a handy tool to have if you're the one doing the sums around tax time and end of financial year season. Key points are the full size keys, the oh-so sleek chiclet type key layout, and a 90cm USB cord so you can get the angle just right for those long data entry sessions. Targus says this little number is one of their strongest selling accessories.

The Apple cart

Apple mightn't be the first brand that immediately springs to everyone's mind when you think of corporate IT, then again neither is Foxtel, who has chosen to push EOFYS marketing campaigns. Apple is also milking the end of financial year, sending out "Happy EOFYS" emails with links to the online Apple store, and encouraging recipients to "Find hot products that could qualify for an EOFY tax deduction."

As you'd expect Apple chose iMacs, MacBooks and iWork and MobileMe to be front and centre in their email campaign. This is one email where we haven't seen iPads or iPhones front and centre, though we'd argue there'd be more than a few small business users interested in the iPhone.

That's not to say they're not being pushed at businesses. Over at the small business section of the Apple shop, the iPhone and iPad are on full display, along with the Time Capsule, LED Cinema Display, and various MacBooks.



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