Brother adds flexibility to P-Touch with the PT-P710BT

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Brother adds flexibility to P-Touch with the PT-P710BT

The latest model in Brother's P-Touch range of label printers is the PT-P710BT.

Unlike the PT-P300BT that we reviewed last year, the PT-P710BT can be used with computers via its USB interface as well as with Android and iOS phones and tablets via Bluetooth.

Other differences include a built-in rechargeable battery (so there's no need to keep replacing AAA cells) and the ability to print labels from 3.5 to 24mm wide rather than the PT-P300BT's upper limit of 12mm.

As we noted in the previous review, 12mm is fine for most office and home labelling tasks such as identifying the contents of binders and spice jars. But 24mm does open some additional opportunities such as address labels.

To that end, the P-Touch Editor software for macOS integrates with the Contacts app, so you can print address labels without having to key in or import the data. (There's also a software package for Windows.)

A new label template type supported by the Design&Print app is the 'Share Label' for printing QR code labels that link to URLs for purposes such as reordering products or obtaining more information. We particularly like Brother's suggestion of printing QR codes that link to the online user manual for a device, as that would save time searching for the physical or online manual.

The PT-P710BT comes with a starter cartridge containing 0.94m of 24mm black on white TZe label tape. Various colour and size combinations are available (you can see the range here). Some newly introduced options include ribbon tape (as opposed to adhesive labels, this offers possibilities for custom packaging), glitter tapes (eg, black on gold, gold on white and white on silver) and decor labels (eg, black on a silver lace pattern).

Other types that can be useful in particular circumstances include tapes with stronger than usual adhesive, acid-free tape, and heat-shrink tubing for identifying wiring.

It's best to print several labels at a time, because 25mm of tape is wasted at the start of each job. You can do your own calculation, but if you agree that a typical label is about 60mm long that means you get about 94 labels from an 8m cartridge instead of 133.

Prices vary by size and type, but you're looking at between $25 and $50 per cartridge.

Brother's P-Touch label printers are handy devices, and we think many buyers will be prepared to pay a bit more for the PT-P710BT's additional flexibility.

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