Bitrix24: like a battle map for your business

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Bitrix24: like a battle map for your business

An intriguing idea, Bitrix24 acts like a command center for you business, letting you keep tabs on your customers, what your staff are doing, your contacts, files, projects, all in one place..


If you're juggling staff, customers, projects, here's an interesting concept - a web site lets you keep tabs on it all in one place.
Bitrix24 acts like a control room, where you can see different services you're using, like DropBox, CRM, files you've stored online, projects and the like.
Each of the parts that Bitrix24 uses are already available. What Bitrix24 does is bring them together. For example, it uses DropBox for document storage and makes it easy to share and collaborate on documents without each person needing to create their own account and figure out how to share things. 
There's a CRM system that's integrated into the suite so that you can look at customer information from the Bitrix24 screen without having to open another website or launch a different application. Similarly, there are project management tools, staff management tools for tracking who's in the office, where people are and what they're working on so you can manage resources effectively.
In addition to working through your PC or Mac's browser, Bitrix24 will soon be available via mobile devices. 
The great thing about Bitrix24 is that it's free for up to 12 users. The basic package includes 5GB of online storage and access to task and project management tools, online file storage and the CRM system. Packs then go up to $100 per month for unlimited number of users, 100GB of storage and more features.
Like any SaaS service, particularly new ones like Bitrix24, we'd suggest a cautious approach. Make sure you back any data that you store there in another place until you are comfortable with the service and the company. Stil, an interesting idea.
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