BigCommerce launches iPhone app

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BigCommerce launches iPhone app

Going on a long trip, or stuck in an airport? You can now run parts of a BigCommerce online shop from your phone.

Bigcommerce has announced a new iPhone app that lets you process and watch orders even if you’re on a long train trip or stuck in an airport.
The Bigcommerce app lets you see new orders, including the complete details of any order. You can also use the app to process orders, update product details and contact customers.
We especially like that last feature: a prompt email or phone call to a customer can often prevent a minor issue snowballing into a big problem.
Now, if something urgent crops up while you're having lunch at the cafe down the road you can handle it on the spot if you absolutely have to.
We think this development might be particularly useful for people involved in ecommerce as a sideline. It's usually inappropriate if not forbidden to use your employer's equipment for outside purposes, but being able to manage your store from a mobile phone makes it possible to take care of business during breaks or while commuting.
There's also a mobile version of BigCommerce for people without iPhones.
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