Beating the heat: what is a proximity thermostat controller?

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Beating the heat: what is a proximity thermostat controller?

With temperatures above 40 degrees in some parts of Australia this week, this automatic thermostat sounds like a handy idea.

Here is a potentially handy gadget for a home office.

Called EverSense 2.0, the device mounts on a wall and is designed to know when the building is empty.

When everyone's gone, the temperature adjusts to save money. When you're coming back, the system chanegs the temperature again so it's just right when you arrive.

The system works by using an app on your phone. If you are in a certain radius it will trigger the system.
The idea is that instead of constantly adjusting the temperature, or setting rigid on/off times so that the system is wasting money while noone's around, EverSense automatically handles the thermostat for you. 
The EverSense wall unit. If you are in a certain radius, the system knows.
While the device is intended for home use, it's easy to see how it could benefit small businesses as well.
We spotted EverSense in this article on the Engadget site. It's expected to go on sale in the US in the second quarter of 2013 for US$349.
That's not cheap, so unless you were buying it for the cool factor you'd need to think carefully about how much it could reduce your electricity bills.
We haven't seen any information about if or when it will be available in Australia, but still, it's an interesting sign of what's coming.


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