Backing up to the cloud? You're not alone

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Backing up to the cloud? You're not alone

Plenty of small business owners have concerns about cloud backup, but in many countries it's becoming increasingly common.

A recent international survey conducted by IDC for backup vendor Acronis found that a majority of SMEs in the US and Europe are backing up at least some of their data to the cloud. In the US, 98% of SMEs use cloud backup to some extent.
In our part of the world, cloud backup isn't quite as commonplace, with 73% in Singapore, 56% in Korea, and 42% in Japan. (Australian SMEs weren't included in the survey.)
One problem with cloud backup is that large-scale recovery tends to be far more time-consuming than a local backup, so 87% of respondents very sensibly keep an on-premises copy of their most recent backup so they can recover more quickly.
Something that did surprise me was the very high percentage of respondents that frequently need to recover files. In almost all countries between 92 and 100% of respondents said they had to recover files at least once a week. The exception was Russia, where the figure was 80%.
I don't know about you, but I'd be worried if file recovery was that frequent in my business, as it would suggest that staff weren't following good practices or procedures, or that there was some kind of underlying hardware or software problem that wasn't being addressed.
How often do you need to recover backed-up files?
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