Australia Post's new digital mailbox will have "no spam"

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Australia Post's new digital mailbox will have "no spam"

The free new Australia Post Digital Mailbox will let users receive, store and pay bills, without being clogged with junk, promises Australia Post.

While it's been possible to get your bills and pay for them over the Internet, it seems a lot of people till don't do it - up to 80% according to this ABC interview.

Now, Australia Post has unveiled plans to launch its online bill-paying service, Australia Post Digital Mailbox, at the end of the month.
The free Digital Mailbox will let Australians receive and pay bills from authorised institutions such as banks, telcos and other service providers. One key advantage Australia Post promises is no spam.
"This is not email, because the difference is this has no spam," Australia Post chief executive Ahmed Fahour said this week, "you will not be open to people being able to intercept what's coming through as easily as email, and you will be able to do your payments."
The idea is that you will have one password to access the service, which will be protected by secure storage provided by Telstra.
The Australia Post web site lists the following advantages for users (text from Australia Post web site):
  • Connect with service providers they have a relationship with - such as banks, utilities and government entities.
  • Receive statements and bills, set reminders and make payments online, using any PC or mobile device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Use the Australia Post Digital MailBox as a personal digital vault to upload and easily find important documents.
The web site states that businesses will have access to (text from Australia Post web site): 
  • A flexible range of integration options to help businesses connect securely to their customers through the Australia Post Digital MailBox.
  • A secure digital delivery service to consumers and a range of payment options.
  • Better value for money than any other singular service.
The government business enterprise has signed up Telstra, AMP and Westpac to date to send customers' bills and messages over the service, rather than via traditional mail or email.
But it is already fighting off potential competition from the likes of Digital Post Australia, a joint venture between Salmat and Computershare that will use the Zumbox platform, hosted on Macquarie Telecom infrastructure, to deliver a similar service.
It is yet to reveal accredited customers but chief executive Randy Dean said most institutions would be unlikely to sign exclusive agreements with Australia Post, keeping the door open for a rival mail service.
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