Aussie Dropbox users to get performance boost

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Aussie Dropbox users to get performance boost

The cloud storage provider is launching a local proxy that should result in improved download and upload speeds.

Dropbox already uses some smart technologies to maximise performance, including delta synchronisation (so only the changes to a file have to be transferred) and local syncing (clients on the same local area network communicate changes with each other, so files that are held locally don't need to be downloaded from Dropbox’s servers).

Further performance gains will be seen when the company’s new Australian proxy server comes online during the next two months.

Although Dropbox isn’t making any specific claims at this time, it has noted that when it set up a proxy server in Japan, customers there benefitted to the tune of a 100 percent performance improvement for uploads and a 50 percent improvement for downloads – a “quite amazing” speedup, according to Dropbox APAC head of solutions architecture Daniel Iversen.

You won't need to do anything special: traffic to and from Dropbox users in Australia and New Zealand will be automatically routed through the proxy server when it comes online.

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