Ask Ruslan Kogan about getting your business online

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Ask Ruslan Kogan about getting your business online

The online retail entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan isn't shy about explaining why online retail, not shops, is the future. Grab him for a chat at this event.

If you followed Kogan’s war of words with Harvey Norman’s Gerry Harvey over online retailing, you’ll know he isn’t shy about sinking the boot into brick and mortar way of selling.

The price of TVs, set top boxes, and the very survival of the electronics retail industry are all topics Ruslan has had something to say about publicly in the past.

His company, Kogan Technologies, has made a name for itself selling electronics, from TVs to DVD players and imported cameras. Kogan also has a particular flair for the sort of price promotions you don’t often see – like the Liveprice feature that let's customers get cheaper prices the sooner they put an order in for a newly announced item.

Kogan is speaking next Tuesday June 26 at the latest Let’s Talk Business event in Sydney – a business panel where you can mingle and have a drink  with like-minded small business people, and possibly learn a thing or two from a panel of guest speakers. We attended the last event and found it quite interesting – we’d recommend if you are looking to get a bigger picture on running your business, particularly when it comes to making use of technology.

The event also features Eddie Machaalani from BigCommerce, Terry Deane of Oobi Baby & Kids, and Michael Clunne of Muscle Beach, which has been around since the pre-ecommerce era and now has three shops as well as eBay and internet sales. 

You can find out more about the Let's Talk Business event here.

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