Are you backing up your data properly?

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Are you backing up your data properly?

Read our free report to find out how other businesses are backing up data, including whether they’re backing up to the cloud.

Ransomware can create havoc for businesses, by locking them out from their own data.  

To protect their data, businesses can't rely only on cybersecurity. They also need an effective backup strategy.

Yet, plenty of businesses aren’t very confident that they have backed up enough data and that they can recover it fast enough.

That’s one of the findings in our free SolarWinds-sponsored report, Is Your Backup Strategy Up to Scratch?, which looks at Australian businesses’ backup strategies and challenges.

The report is useful reading if you’re wondering how other businesses are backing up data and if they’re confident about their backup and recovery processes.

It details the results of our survey, which asked businesses about their backup strategies. It also includes insights from business people who attended our roundtable. 

We asked businesses how much money they spend on backup.

We also asked if they primarily back up to on-premise or cloud platforms, or both.

And we asked how often they test their data recovery systems and the cause of any large scale outages they’d experienced.

To read about these and other findings, go to the report download page here.

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