Another way to offer your customers free Wi-Fi

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Another way to offer your customers free Wi-Fi

Run a retail shop, cafe or accommodation and want to offer your customers free Wi-Fi? Here's one potential way to do it.

If you run a retail shop, cafe operators or accommodation you might be wanting to offer your customers with free Wi-Fi. Now there's a way to do it without increasing your costs and without displaying other businesses' advertising on your premises.
iiNet's Business Bundle plans now give small businesses the ability to offer their customers free Wi-Fi without having to pay for the data.
The equipment that iiNet provides and installs at no extra charge beyond the usual activation fee creates a separate Wi-Fi network for customer use, and the data that travels across it is not counted against the business's monthly quota. 
Business Bundle plans range from 100GB per month for $79.95 to 1200GB for $139.95. Uploads are not metered, and all local and standard national phone calls are included. 
Each customer is allowed a maximum of 50MB per day, though iiNet's own customers can go beyond that limit by using part of their own quotas much like the way Telstra's nascent Wi-Fi network will work.
The biggest downside we can see with iiNet's offer is that it is not available to all businesses. Your connection has to have an actual (not nominal) speed of at least 6Mbps, and you have to be on iiNet's own network in the metropolitan areas of the eight capital cities.
But at least there's no on-premises advertising, unlike the CafeScreen service or the CCA/Telstra scheme for licenced premises.
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