Another way to get ready for the switch to PIN for credit card purchases

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Another way to get ready for the switch to PIN for credit card purchases

Here is another way to get ready for new rules requiring customers to use a PIN with their credit card.

This week it was announced that Clipp is available in 30 Perth bars and clubs. It's already in NSW and Victoria too.
We've been covering the various issues you'll need to consider when the switch to using PIN with credit card purchases happpens soon, so we thought it worth highlighting Clipp - it's another workaround for that problem.
Clipp is an app that lets you open a bar, cafe or restaurant tab from an Android phone or iPhone and then close the tab in the same way when you leave, avoiding the hassle of paying at the counter.
Clipp presents venue owners and their staff with two important benefits in the light of the impending switch to chip and PIN credit card transactions.
From the venue's perspective, it means the account can be settled even if the tab isn't closed by the customer. In the pre chip and PIN days, this wasn't a problem - if staff held the card behind the bar or got the customer's signature on a paper docket, the transaction could be put through without further reference to the customer if that proved necessary. In a few weeks time, the customer will have to enter the PIN to complete the transaction.
The way Clipp gets around this is to associate a credit card with the customer's account. The venue charges the Clipp account, and Clipp charges the card. So if a customer does leave without closing the tab, it can be settled directly from the venue's POS system.
The benefit for staff is that many chip and PIN terminals make no provision for customers to include a tip in the final amount. But customers are presented with the option of adding a tip when they close a tab in the Clipp app.
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