Another jobs site takes on recruiters

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Another jobs site takes on recruiters

Pizza delivery workers, bar staff, trainees can be found through the handpikd site - another new jobs site aimed at making hiring less expensive and time consuming.

There are job boards such as Seek that deal with temporary, fixed-term and permanent vacancies, and there are services such as Airtasker that put individuals and businesses in contact with people that can perform specific tasks such as assembling flat-pack furniture or handing out flyers.
Now handpikd has set out to combine both models with fees that may be more attractive to small businesses than those charged by conventional recruiters (even if they find a recruiter through RecruitLoop, assuming the issue is identifying suitable candidates rather than choosing among them.
For permanent or long-term contract jobs, handpikd's fees operate on a sliding scale. If the annual salary is $60,000 or under, the fee is 1%. Between $60,001 and $100,000 it is 3%, and above that it increases to 5%. You may have expected the percentage to reduce as the salary increases, as there is no indication that handpikd does any extra work when you are looking for candidates to fill a well-paid job, but that is not how it works. 
For other engagements - including casual work, short-term contracts, and individual tasks - handpikd charges 10% of the total paid. There does not seem to be any prohibition on bypassing handpikd if you decide to use the same person again or if you want to offer them ongoing employment.
GST is added to all handpikd fees. Candidates pay a once-off $4.99 identity verification charge, but it is not levied until they secure their first job or task through handpikd and is therefore unlikely to be a barrier.
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