Another clever trick to help cope with customers who pay late

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Another clever trick to help cope with customers who pay late

Saasu has a new forecasting tool to help you manage your cashflow if things don't go according to plan.

Managing cashflow is one of the most important activities any business operator has to manage. If there's not enough money coming in you can’t pay your bills and operate.  You might be expecting plenty of money to come in next week but of the cupboard is bare and you need to fill your truck with fuel today, you can get into trouble.

Online accounting software provider Saasu has launched a new tool to help business people overcome those issues.

Forecaster is a tool that allows business operators to look ahead over the next 30 days to look ahead. For example, if things look like they're going to be tight in a couple of weeks, you can call your customers to politely remind them of an upcoming due date in order to head off problems if a payment comes in late.

That analysis might mean you need to consider service such CheckVault to ensure on-time payments from large customers.

Most businesses have to export or re-key data into spreadsheets to do this sort of longer-term analysis. Forecaster integrates into Saasu, allowing you to carry out "what if" analyses to see what happens if a payment comes in early or late.

Clearly, when you're managing your finds, some expected payments are more important than others. Making sure a payment of several hundred or thousands of dollars has greater impact on your cashflow than a $25 reimbursement. Forecaster moves high-impact transactions to the top of your list so you can focus on managing them.

Forecaster is available with all Saasu plans at no additional cost.

There's a free 30-day trial of all plan with monthly plans ranging from $9 per month to $60 depending on what features you need including payroll, multi-currency and inventory management.

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